Bonnie Roberts

Bonnie Roberts

Bonnie Roberts

Bonnie’s Floral Boutique

Bonnie Roberts is not just in the floral business; she is in the business of delicately handling “matters of the heart” for her customers and patrons. Owner of Bonnie’s Floral Boutique, now in its 35th year in Henderson, all of which have been on or near Water Street, Bonnie, and husband, Mike, say flowers are used to mark important special occasions – all of them “matters of the heart.”

“I love that we are a part of our customers’ most important celebrations and occasions, most of them happy, but a few like funerals and deaths, are obviously more solemn. “Regardless of the occasion, we approach each one as if it was our own, ensuring that our floral creations strike just the right tone.”

“From weddings, anniversaries, marriage proposals, births, deaths, baptisms, promotions and congratulations, nothing says it better than flowers,” said Bonnie, who first realized her destiny to become a florist when she was only 21 years old.

Bonnie, who grew up in Green Bay, Wisconsin, attended a few years of college in Texas near her sister but felt unsatisfied about her direction. Upon moving to Southern Nevada, she attended the Ikenobo Ikebana Floral Arts Academy at her mother’s urging, and the rest is history. Bonnie has been creating spectacular floral creations ever since.

While Bonnie deals directly with customers, Mike is the purchasing agent, ordering and buying all the flowers, supplies and décor. Together, they create spectacular arrangements that have adorned Henderson homes and helped Henderson residents celebrate special occasions and matters of the heart – for decades.

After ten years at 2 Water Street, Bonnie moved her floral boutique 24 years ago to its present location on Atlantic, just a block west of Water Street. “We chose this area for its proximity to the community’s center of commerce, and today, we are thrilled with the revitalization that is bringing Water Street back to its original luster,” said Bonnie.

Bonnie's Floral Boutique

Stop and smell the roses at Bonnie’s Floral Boutique