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Gabe Webb

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Purple Penguin – Water Street’s Hot Spot for Cool, Flavorful Fun

Purple Penguin owner Gabriel (Gabe) Webb and his wife, Angail, grew up in different states.  He in Texas and she in Utah. But despite their geographic differences, they both have fond memories of the locales near their respective homes where they frequently enjoyed a summer staple – an icy, juicy snow cone.

Even before the couple’s first child arrived eight years ago, they longed for that iconic spot where children and families gathered for the ultimate cool treat – a snowy cone of ice dripping with flavorful, fanciful, and colorful syrups.  When they couldn’t find the place of their dreams, they opened their own snow cone shack in 2009, adopting the name Purple Penguin because it’s memorable, it resonates, and because it’s fun – just like a snow cone.

According to Gabe, the couple’s first Southern Nevada location was at a Speedee Mart. Today, the couple has three locations, including their newest on Water Street.

“We love Water Street for its wide sidewalks and storefronts that create a small town feel that is hard to find elsewhere in the region,” said Gabe.  “Despite the fact that we opened our new shop in early 2020 before the pandemic brought everything to a screeching halt, we survived the year, thanks in part to the collegial spirit that exists amongst business owners here.  Mojave Brewery down the street allows kids to bring their Purple Penguin snow cones to their patio while their parents enjoy a beer. That’s a win-win for everyone. And because Water Street is walkable, it’s easy to move from place to place – and we all benefit from that.”

Gabe said the opening of Lifeguard Arena has also been good for business given that “skating on ice and eating ice go hand-in-hand,” he said. “As kids in hockey jerseys make their way here after having lunch or dinner at neighboring Water Street Pizzeria, we are taking advantage of the growing energy in the area and look forward to the parades and special events Water Street is known for.”

A family-owned company whose peak seasons are the warm ones, Purple Penguin closes its doors for a few weeks in December to give the Webbs and their employees some much-deserved time off. “It’s become a tradition for our family, our employees and our customers who respect and appreciate our time away to recharge.”

Even the Webbs’ two children, also known as the snow cone kids, are learning how to make the perfect snow cone. Their favorite flavors?  Tiger’s Blood (strawberry coconut) and Blue Raspberry – of course!

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