Samantha Bonneville

Samantha Bonneville

Samantha Bonneville

Water Street Staple Fuses Great Times and Live Music

The oldest bar in Henderson, Gold Mine Tavern on Water Street, is today a passion project for owner Samantha Bonneville. Opened in 1965, Gold Mine has long been a staple on Water Street that Samantha remembers seeing as a child when her family visited the area.

“Water Street had a magical, mythical allure for me,” Samantha says. “And today, that allure is back thanks to new investment and business development that is helping Water Street return to its original luster.”

In 2018, Samantha, a successful real estate agent and native Las Vegan, was looking for a meaningful business to sink her teeth into with her husband Todd, also a native but who had never even been to historic Henderson.

“When Todd saw Water Street, he immediately got it,” said Samantha. “With sidewalks on both sides of the street, street parking, walkable accessibility, a plethora of successful businesses, and a welcoming vibe, Water Street felt like home to us. We consider ourselves fortunate to acquire one of the street’s most iconic spots – Gold Mine Tavern.”

Today, Gold Mine is as bustling as ever thanks to the Bonneville’s reinvestment that has not only given the Tavern a facelift but kept the good times going with live music every weekend and a friendly, approachable vibe that is reminiscent of times gone by. Proof positive of its success is the fact that Gold Mine is one of the state’s top 50 Jameson venues – a remarkable distinction considering its relatively small size.

“One of Gold Mine’s standouts is our live music on the patio every Friday and Saturday,” said Samantha. “Whether you drop in to play pool, listen to music, catch a game or enjoy a beer, our friendly staff keeps it real and light. They know just about everyone who stops by, and many of our patrons share stories of when their parents frequented Gold Mine. It’s a dream come true for us to be part of the magic at a place where friends feel like family and everything comes full circle.”

Samantha also cites Water Street’s collegiality as one of its most endearing attributes. “We have each other’s backs,” said Samantha, of nearby bars and restaurants. “We’ve loaned Jameson to Hardway 8 and beer to Sticks, which reciprocated by loaning CO2 to us on a busy night. For businesses that are technically competitors, that kind of supportive environment doesn’t exist anywhere else in the valley. It’s just one more reason why Water Street is special. We want everyone here to succeed.”

“And talk about value,” said Samantha. “You would have a hard time spending $50 bar hopping between multiple venues on Water Street.”

By her own admission, Samantha says she and Todd don’t have a background running bars, but their decision to buy Gold Mine Tavern was predicated on a strong vision of what Gold Mine Tavern could be based on what it used to be. And so far, they and their enthusiastic patrons are not disappointed.

“At Gold Mine Tavern, a place built on authenticity, everyone is welcome,” she said. “Stop by for a beer, we’d love to see you.”

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