Public Works Coffee Bar

Public Works Coffee Bar

Public Works Coffee Bar

Independently Owned. Freshly Brewed.

Whether you’re seriously passionate about hand-crafted coffees and teas, or just looking for a pick me up, this Water Street gem is for you. The friendly staff has you covered, from espresso and coffee to tea and blended drinks. Pastries, as well as breakfast and lunchtime foods from locally sourced partners, have you covered.

The elevated patio is great for fresh air. Plus, it’s pet-friendly!

Serious about shop local/dine local? Get your fix here while you enjoy the community room with gallery shows by local artists, lecture events, and wine tastings. The room is even available by reservation for a variety of purposes.

Pro-tip: the mural just outside is Insta-worthy.

Windom Kimsey of Public Works Coffee Bar

Meet the owner,
Windom Kimsey


314 S. Water Street
Henderson, NV 89015