Chef Flemming’s BakeShop

Chef Flemming’s BakeShop

Chef Flemming’s BakeShop

Danish heritage. International reputation. Fresh pastries and bread.

Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to stop by a neighborhood European bakery, but we’re sure glad to have Chef Flemming on Water Street. Fresh baked breads, pastries, muffins, specialty custom cakes, wedding cakes. Don’t miss out on the selections from Chef’s native Denmark.

In France, they say, “bon appetit.” In Denmark, they say, “Velbekomme!”

And that, my friends, is a word you’re going to want to hear. After blazing trails in the luxury hotel world and teaching the next generation at the Art Institute, Chef Flemming and his BakeShop has served Henderson since 2008. Not just mouth-watering, these artisanal goods are beautiful.

Chef Flemming of Flemming's BakeShop

Meet the owner,
Flemming Pedersen


7 S. Water Street, Suite B
Henderson, NV 89015